Frequently Asked Questions

Are your questions similar to the Faculty of Physician Associate’s Royal College of Physicians (FPA RCP) National Certification Licensing Exam?

Yes, we believe our questions are reflective of the FPA RCP National Licensing written exam and questions are written by qualified physician associates who have taken the exam.

How can I trust that the answers to the questions are correct?

Our questions are reviewed by practising doctors and qualified physician associates. Our answers include accurate explanations which are taken from up to date UK guidelines. We aim to continuously update our answers according to the latest guidelines.

Will Plabable for PA be adding more questions?

Yes, we are continuously adding questions to our question bank. Users who subscribe also have the option to create and submit their own questions for discussion with other users.

What if I notice errors on the questions?

We aim to only provide correct and accurate information. However, if you do notice any errors, we do apologise and appreciate if you let us know. We will rectify any possible errors as soon as possible.

How will I know when new questions are added or updated? 

We frequently add new questions and update existing ones to reflect the most up to date guidelines and practice. As long as you have an active subscription with us, your questions will automatically update to reflect the latest changes we make.

My card payment has been declined. How can I register for a subscription?
We accept all debit and credit cards, as well as Apple and Google pay. If your card payment has been declined, please contact your bank at first instance to find out the reason for the decline or use an alternative payment method as above. Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by any other method.

Will my subscription be auto-renewed?

No, we do not auto-renew subscriptions. This is to prevent users who may have forgotten to cancel their subscription and having to pay continuously. Hence, payment for subscription is a one time charge only.

How do I extend my subscription?

When your subscription has ended, you will be given the option to extend your subscription when you log in.

Will my data be preserved if I extend my subscription?

Your question history, answers and comments will still be available when you extend your subscription. Nothing will be deleted. You can continue from exactly where you left off.

How do I reset the questions on my account to reattempt them?

If you wish to reset your questions, you can do so only by paying for an extension. Please note that your question and answer history will be deleted once you reset your account and this is not reversible. Once reset, all questions on your account will be unanswered for you to reattempt them. Unfortunately, we do not provide an option to reset your account without an extension however you may wish to attempt our MOCK tests as they have similar questions found in the “Practice by Category” section.

Why do some mock practices have less than 100 questions?
Questions are checked regularly to ensure reliability. Questions which are found to have sub-optimal stems or explanations are automatically updated or made obsolete. Very occasionally current guidance may have changed since the practice mock has been set, or a new question may not have performed as expected. In these circumstances, questions are removed.

How can I access Plabable for PA through my phone or my iPad?
To access our question bank on the go, you would need to download our mobile app. This has added security features which are currently not available on mobile or iPad browsers. The security feature prevents stealing and unlawful distribution of our material on social media. We believe in protecting our materials and offering a fair service to our paid users such as yourselves.


Why am I being logged out of my account?
Systems are in place to detect multiple logins from different devices. You can only access the question bank from one device at a time to prevent account sharing. Accounts are personal to the subscriber. Passwords and other login details must not be passed to others.

Why is my account being blocked?
Your account will be blocked if you have attempted to take print screens of our material. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, print screens of the website or mobile app content are strictly not allowed. Systems are in place to detect unauthorised print screens which would result in account blockage for a period of 5 minutes without access to the question bank. Repeated unauthorised print screens will result in a permanent account block.